Keep this Portable Breathalyzer with You and Ensure You Drink Responsibly [Deals Hub]


There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks, but drinking responsibly is important. Monitor your alcohol consumption, and make sure you stay safe with the help of the BACTrack Vio, a breathalyzer that’s always with you. It’s on sale now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

You should never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. BACTrack Vio can help you make the decision to call a cab to get home safe. With an advanced semiconductor that provides accurate results, you can count on the results of this portable breathalyzer. Keep it in your pocket and use it regularly to make sure you never go past your limit.

You can get the BACTrack Vio Breathalyzer from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $39.99 from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. That’s a 20% savings off the retail price. It’s a great deal that could save you more than just money, so get it today.