Turkish President Uses FaceTime to Address Press in an Interview after Military Coup


Amidst a military coup, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave an interview to the press via FaceTime. With the Turkish military declaring martial law and censoring media networks, Erdogan appeared on CNN Turkey using FaceTime as a reporter held her phone towards the camera.

The coup from Turkish military started because it wanted to restore democracy and human rights in the country as it believes the political administration and government have lost their legitimacy in the country.

In his FaceTime appearance, President Erdogan urged citizens to “go to the streets and give them their answer.” The coup has already ended, with soldiers who were a part of the coup surrendering to armed police. You can read more about the Turkish army’s coup here.

While there are numerous video calling services available for smartphones, the way FaceTime has been integrated into iOS makes it the default choice of video calling for iPhone users. And compared to Skype, the service seems to offer better video quality as well.

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