4K Video Showcases iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro

iPhone 7 series

Three different models of the iPhone 7 have been revealed in a super-sharp 4K video ahead of Apple’s official unveiling this fall. The hands-on has us questioning the possibility of an “iPhone 7 Pro” once again.

Some reports have promised that we’ll get three different iPhone 7 variants this fall, and while many others have tried to dismiss those claims, evidence for a third model keeps popping up. The latest is the hands-on video below.

The video suggests the iPhone 7 Plus will look almost identical to the iPhone 7 — only larger — with the same single-lens iSight camera. That means fans will have to cough up extra for the iPhone 7 Pro with its new dual-lens camera module.

This is perhaps the sharpest look at the iPhone 7 series we’ve seen so far, but it should be noted that it doesn’t confirm anything yet. These are third-party mockups just like the many others we’ve seen, and we shouldn’t read too much into them.

It still seems unlikely Apple will launch an iPhone 7 Pro and charge fans extra simply for a better camera. That may have been its intentions early on when it was first testing iPhone 7 prototypes, but that idea may have since been scrapped.

We’ll know for certain next month when Apple makes the iPhone 7 series official. According to recent reports, its keynote will be held around September 6, while pre-orders will kick off on September 9 ahead of a September 16 launch.

[via TechTastic]