Apple to Use OLED Displays Briefly Before Switching to Micro-LED Displays For iPhones

iPhone 8 with curved AMOLED display

LCD display maker Innolux CEO and chairman Wang Jyh-Chau is skeptical that OLED displays will replace LCD displays completely to become the mainstream display technology. The CEO believes that OLED displays are behind LCD displays in terms of reliability and performance-cost ratio.

The CEO also believes that new display technologies like Micro-LED are better than OLED to completely replace traditional LCD displays in mainstream products.

Interestingly, Jyh-Chau also revealed that Apple is working on developing Micro LED displays on its own, so it remains unclear if the company plans on adopting OLED displays for the long run. The benefits of Micro-LED over OLED displays remain unknown for now, but Innolux’s CEO says that there is less capital investment involved. However, just like OLED panels, it is more difficult to produce Micro-LED displays compared to LCD displays.

As for Micro LED, Peng indicated it entails less capital investment than LCD but involves difficulties in manufacturing process. Therefore, it is too early to determine the prospect of Micro LED, Peng said.

Apple is widely rumored to switch to OLED panels for the 2017 iPhone. The move has led to OLED panel makers like Samsung working on improving the OLED panel output from their factories. Despite criticising OLED, Jyh-Chau says that there is a niche market where OLED displays can be used. This includes VR devices, some smartphones, and wearables.

Irrespective of all the criticism levied by Jyh-Chau on OLED displays, there is no denying the fact that OLED displays are significantly superior to LCD displays in almost every aspect. The beautiful display of the Galaxy Note 7 being the perfect example of it.

[Via Digitimes]