Apple, and a Consortium of Companies, Forming a ‘Robocall Strike Force’

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For anyone who has ever received an automated phone call, the annoyance is clear. Thankfully, companies seem to be working towards ending them for good.

A report from Reuters reveals that a variety of different companies, including AT&T, Apple, Google, are forming a 33-strong consortium that will be called the “Robocall Strike Force.” The goal is to crack down on robocalls.

“AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson will make the announcement at the first “Robocall Strike Force” meeting at the FCC later on Friday, the company said.”

What that entails, however, remains a bit of a mystery. According to the report, the companies will be working towards “concrete plans to accelerate the development and adoption of new tools and solutions.” The goal, at least, appears to be to have something in place, some kind of solution so the companies can collectively crack down on these annoying occurrences, by October 19 of this year.

The Anti-Spoofing Act of 2015 was one step to help in this regard, and the Strike Force will be looking for further implementations and strategies to end robocalls for good. That could include simply rolling out authentication technology for secure Caller-ID. Identifying and blocking these calls right out of the gate appears to be the ultimate goal.

In regards to Apple, the company is already taking strides to help in this regard, as it announced with iOS 10 that there’s third-party extension support for more advanced Caller ID features, which includes spam alerts.

[via Reuters]