CVS Launches ‘CVS Pay’ to Take on Apple Pay

CVS Pay iOS app

In 2014, Rite Aide and CVS made news not because it was supporting Apple Pay, but actually for the complete opposite reason.

Both pharmacies made no bones about outright blocking Apple Pay at their checkout stations in stores, with no signs that anything would be changing. But, as far as Rite Aide is concerned, the company eventually took a different route and officially started accepting Apple Pay’s mobile payments in August of last year.

CVS, on the other hand, still hasn’t come around. And now, like Walmart, has even opted to launch its own mobile payment option called, you (probably) guessed it: CVS Pay.

Like many alternatives out there, CVS Pay works based on a QR Code-based methodology. With the barcode system, CVS Pay will integrate not only payments, but also prescription pick-up information, but also CVS’s ExtraCare Loyalty program. Each offers a barcode to be scanned, which CVS hopes will make it easy to checkout. After the CVS employee scans the code, they’ll go through the checkout process, which will give the customer time to choose the payment method they want to use, and then finalize the purchase with it.

CVS Pay offers support for all of the major credit/debit card issuers: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. It also supports HealthSavings accounts, and Flexible Spending Account cards.

As of right now, CVS Pay is available in select CVS pharmacies in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. CVS plans to start a national rollout, which includes 9,600 retail sites across the country, later this year.

CVS Pay is available with the CVS Pharmacy app, which is free. A link to download it is available below.


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