Saurik Updates Cydia Substrate to Fix Cycript Compatibility Issues on iOS 9.3

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In the past couple of weeks, Saurik has been hard at work to improvise Cydia and provide a better experience to users. Recently, Cydia Substrate received an important update to fix the stashing issue that prevented Cydia packages from getting installed successfully.

Saurik has now rolled out another update for Cydia Substrate, taking it to version 0.9.6300. The latest update fixes issues with Cycript not working properly on iOS 9.3 devices.

Normal users don’t need to worry much about Cycript as it’s a tool designed mainly for developers. It is an “inlining, optimizing, JavaScript-to-JavaScript compiler and immediate mode console environment.” With that said, it’s important that you update Cydia Substrate as it’s an essential package that ensures the normal functionality of Cydia packages.

As per the changelog, this is the only issue that the update fixes. No other bug fixes or improvements have been mentioned.

We recommend that you install the update right now from Cydia. Simply head to the Changes tab and let Cydia refresh the sources. Once done, you should find a pending update for Cydia Substrate in the “Upgrades” section.

It’s good to see that Saurik is regularly rolling out updates to ensure that tweaks and packages function properly. Just recently, he added a new feature to Cydia called “self-service refund system” that enables users to refund their purchases in a matter of minutes.

Were you able to update Cydia Substrate successfully? Let us know in the comments below.

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