Emojiant Tweak by Ryan Petrich Brings iOS 10’s Big Emoji to iOS 9

emojiant tweak

Messages in iOS 10 has received tons of new features, bringing an entirely new experience to communicate with your friends. One amazing feature is sending bigger Emojis to your contacts.

If you’re jailbroken, you can get this feature on your iOS 9 device now, thanks to a new jailbreak tweak called Emojiant by well-known developer, Ryan Petrich.

Emojiant provides a similar experience to the giant Emojis in iOS 10. The tweak allows you to view Emojis in a bigger size when they are sent without an accompanied text. If the message contains a single or a couple of Emojis without any text, then they will be enlarged. However, if an Emoji is accompanied by a text, then it will appear in its normal size.

With the tweak installed, if any iOS 9 or iOS 10 user sends you an iMessage with an Emoji, it will appear large to you. Emojiant makes Emojis appear large on your side but if your contacts don’t have the tweak installed, then they will view Emojis in the regular size.

Just like with iOS 10, Emojiant works in the stock Messages app only. Emojis will appear larger when sent as an SMS or iMessage to other people.

To get Emojiant on your jailboken device, you first have to add Ryan Petrich’s repository to Cydia. To do so, go to Sources, then Edit -> Add and put in the following URL: http://rpetri.ch/repo.

Once the repo has been added, search for the package and install it on your device. The tweak doesn’t require any additional configuration so you’re good to go once it has been installed.

If giant Emoji is one of your favorite feature of iOS 10, then you should definitely check out this tweak to get a similar experience on your jailbroken iOS 9 device.

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