Microsoft Asks Apple, ‘What’s a Computer? Just Ask Cortana’ in New Ad

Microsoft Computer iPad ad

Microsoft has held a pretty “anti-Apple” message in its product advertisements as of late, and that trend continues with the latest video ad for the company’s Surface Pro 4.

The ad is just about 30 seconds long, and it shows an iPad Pro sitting right there next to a Surface Pro 4. Both devices have their official, but-sold-separately keyboards attached, and Siri is apparently throwing a party for itself (how great would it be if Siri could throw us parties?) because the iPad Pro can have a keyboard attached to it — just like the Surface Pro 4.

So, because the iPad Pro features the Smart Keyboard, Siri calls herself a computer, telling the Surface Pro 4 and Cortana that, “I’m a computer now, just like you.” From that point on, Cortana is just asking questions like, “But you’re running full Office, not just the app version, right?” She adds, “What about a trackpad, and external ports?”

Siri’s general response is, “Like I said, I just got a keyboard.”

The standard tagline for the Surface Pro 4, “Surface does more. Just like you” makes an appearance at the end of the ad as well.

This is very clearly a response to Apple’s most recent video ad campaign for the iPad Pro, where Apple asks, “What’s a computer?” and shows off the iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard. Apple launched that ad on August 1, so this is pretty impressive turnaround for Microsoft to come back with its own ad.

You can check it out below.