Microsoft Mocks the MacBook Air in New Surface Pro 4 Ad

Microsoft mocks MacBook Air in Surface Pro 4 ad

Microsoft has rolled out a new ad for the Surface Pro 4 in which it mocks the MacBook Air for its lack of touchscreen, slower internals, and beefier form factor. It comes just two weeks after another Surface ad took aim at the iPad Pro.

Titled “Surface Pro 4 is the one for me,” the ad shows a woman trying out various features on a Surface Pro 4 and then looking for the same functionality on a MacBook Air. Meanwhile, a guy in a funny hat plays a keyboard in the background and sings the Surface’s praises.

“This one’s got detachable keys. It comes with a pen so you can write as you please,” he sings, referring to the Surface Pro 4. “This Mac doesn’t have any of that. It’s less useful like a hat for your cat.”

“Surface has touch and a beautiful screen. You can see things like they’ve never been seen,” he continues. “This Mac doesn’t quite compare. It’s slower, heaver, and a bit square.”

To be fair, the MacBook Air is starting to look a little dated now, and alongside a more modern machine like the Surface Pro 4, its low-resolution display and aging internals certainly don’t look all that attractive.

But of course, most Mac users would take OS X or macOS over a touchscreen, stylus, and detachable keys any day.