How To Use Siri on macOS Sierra

macos sierra siri

After 5 years of waiting, Siri is finally available on macOS, starting with the newest update of 2016, Sierra. If you’ve used Siri on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll feel right at home. It works the same way, only the stuff it can do is slightly different.

Siri on the Mac shows up as a floating bubble in the top-right corner. It will display results and data for you right there. You can even have a conversation with it. She can help you look for files, open apps for you, and do a lot more.

Here’s how to start using Siri on your Mac running macOS Sierra.

Did You Enable Siri During Install?

When you installed the macOS Sierra update, you must have gotten a prompt asking if you want to enable Siri.

If for some reason, you didn’t, don’t worry. You can go to “System Preferences” -> “Siri” and check the box next to “Enable Siri“.

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Call Up Siri

There are a couple of ways to call up Siri and direct your commands.

From The Menu Bar

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There’s a new Siri icon in the menu bar. Click on it, and the Siri popup appears.

From The Dock

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While Siri isn’t an app, it does have a shortcut in the form of an icon on the dock. Click on it to bring it up.

Keyboard Shortcut

The default keyboard shortcut for activating Siri is holding “Command” and “Space” keys. But of course, you can customize this.

Changing Siri Keyboard Shortcut

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Go to “System Preferences” -> “Siri” and from “Keyboard shortcut” select “Customize“.

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Now press the key combination you wish to assign to Siri.

How Are You Using Siri?

What are you using Siri on the Mac for? Share with us in the comments below.