Apple Might Once Again Use Nvidia GPUs in Macs


Various job postings from Nvidia suggest that we could see the company’s chips making a return in Mac. Apple has been exclusively using external GPUs from AMD in its various Macs since quite a while. However, if the job listings from Nvidia are anything to go by, that may change soon in the future.

The three job listings from Nvidia point towards an applicant that will help “produce the next revolutionary Apple products.” As a part of the job, selected applicants will work “in partnership with Apple” and work on defining and shaping the future of graphics-related software on Macs.

Despite Apple sticking with AMD GPUs in its Mac lineup, Nvidia has been the clear market leader not only in terms of sales but also in terms of technological innovation in GPUs.

Apple is expected to use AMD’s new Polaris GPUs in its upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. However, Nvidia’s Pascal architecture based GPUs offer better performance while consuming lesser power and dissipating less heat than AMD’s Polaris GPUs, which makes them ideal for use in MacBook and other Macs from Apple.

Even though Apple does not make use of Nvidia GPUs in any of its Macs that are on sale currently, Nvidia is known for releasing web drivers for its GPUs to ensure they work on Hackintosh based PCs.

[Via Bloomberg]

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