Apple Negotiating with Sharp for OLED Screens for iPhone 8

iPhone 8 with curved AMOLED display

Apple is reportedly in talks with Sharp to secure OLED displays for the 2017 iPhone. The agreement will depend on Sharp’s production capabilities.

Apple is looking for additional suppliers of OLED displays as it wants to diversify its supply chain and does not want to depend on one company to supply it OLED displays for the iPhone 8 in 2017.

Sharp had announced earlier today that it would be investing $566 million to develop its OLED production facilities in Mie and Osaka located in Japan. The company aims to start OLED production in these facilities by June 2018.

Sharp was acquired by Foxconn, one of Apple’s chief vendor, earlier this year for $3.8 billion. This will be Sharp’s first major investment post the acquisition.

Apple is reported to switch to OLED displays with the iPhone 8 in 2017. The company has been looking for suppliers since quite a while now, with the company reportedly securing a deal with Samsung Display for it. Samsung is the largest OLED display manufacturer in the world right now and has the best OLED production facilities in the world. The company’s displays are found in all flagship devices from Samsung and are widely regarded as the best smartphone display in the market right now.

The 2017 iPhone, dubbed iPhone 8 by an Apple employee in Israel, is rumored to feature a new glass design and an edge-to-edge OLED display.

[Via Bloomberg]

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