Cydia Substrate Updated with Fix for iOS 6 Bug


Saurik has rolled out a new update for Cydia Substrate for jailbroken iOS devices, taking it to version 0.9.6301.

The latest update fixes a bug that could create issues on devices running iOS 6. As explained by Saurik, the bug stops Cydia from injecting in iOS 6, which could cause problems with the proper functionality of jailbreak tweaks.

He also notes that this bug could be present in other iOS firmwares as well so it’s important that every jailbreak user install this update to prevent facing issues.

The update is now available in Cydia and should appear once you perform a refresh. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Cydia and go to the Changes tab.

Step 2: Tap on the Refresh button in the top right corner to load new packages and updates.

Step 3: Once Cydia has been refreshed, you should find a pending update for Cydia Substrate in the Changes tab.

step 4: Open the update, tap on Modify -> Upgrade and confirm to start installing the latest version of Cydia Substrate on your device.

Although the changelog specifically mentions iOS 6, it is best that everyone installs this update to stay on the safe side and prevent facing issues.

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