Here Are the Top Reasons Why People Are Buying the iPhone 7


A survey conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch on US customers has revealed why most consumers are upgrading to the iPhone 7. Like almost every new generation of iPhone, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus offer a better display, build quality, and camera. So, why are customers upgrading to it?

Well, the number one reason that played a key role in customers opting for the new iPhones was Apple’s promise of longer battery life. The smaller iPhone 7 offers up to 2 hours of additional battery life than previous iPhones, while the iPhone 7 Plus offers an hour of extra battery life. The second reason that led customers to buy the new iPhones was their IP67 certification that makes them water-resistant. For people who frequently visit the beach or swimming pools, the water-resistance capabilities of the new iPhones is surely a welcome addition.

The improved camera quality and faster processor were the third and fourth reasons for customers buying the iPhone 7, with the higher storage variant coming in fifth. 47% customers who upgraded to the new iPhones did so because as per their carrier contract they were eligible for one. The highly talked about dual camera setup of the iPhone 7 Plus ranked a lowly seventh, while better color options came in at eight.

While Apple highlighted the improved camera, build quality, and Jet Black color of the new iPhones at its launch event, it turns out that the increased battery life has been the major selling point of the new iPhones.

[Via Business Insider]