iMessage App ‘Phoneys’ Can Help You Play Pranks on Your Friends


Sometimes a good prank is necessary, for a variety of reasons, and if you’ve been wanting to take advantage of the new stickers in iMessages to do just that, one developer has you covered.

As first reported by TechCrunch, the app is called “Phoneys,” and it’s available right now in the iMessages App Store for $0.99. With the app, you can send a sticker that looks like an iMessage text bubble — but sent from your friend. So you can essentially, at least at face value, put words in their mouth.

The whole thing is possible thanks to the new layering feature that’s baked into iOS 10. Apple has made it possible to put stickers on top of photos, GIFs, text messages, and even other stickers. While it could mean a sticker fight for some people, for developer Adam Howell, it was the perfect way to make your friends and family think they’ve lost their minds, or that their phone has been hacked as they appear to send statements like, “you’re so smart,” or, “you’re hilarious.”

iOS 10 is still new enough that most people might not know that this layering effect is possible, so Phoneys is the perfect way to not only try it out, but also have some fun with friends and family at the same time.

To make it work, you’ll need to buy and install the Phoneys iMessage app. Once it’s downloaded, look for a text message you want to replace, then find the “Phoneys” message you want to replace it with. Just drag that onto the specific text message and you’re good to go.

For a real kick, immediately respond to that layered text, to make it really look like you’re responding to something your friend has sent. There are a variety of options to choose from, so pick the best one and have some fun.

“I noticed how you could completely cover up texts with stickers. I started joking with a friend that I could maybe make him say anything I wanted,” explains Howell. “So I made a couple quick stickers locally on my iPhone to test it out, and sure enough it worked.”

Howell has plans to release more stickers so there is even more choice. And for the folks who wish they could create their own Phoneys, Howell is working on another app that will make that a possibility, too. When that might be ready, though, still remains unknown.

You can find a link to download Phoneys below.


[via TechCrunch]