Some Logitech Mice Suffering From Lag and Other Issues Following macOS Sierra Release


Earlier this week, Apple officially launched macOS Sierra, releasing the software to the public following weeks of beta tests.

Unfortunately for users of some Logitech-branded mice, the update to macOS Sierra has broken compatibility, and has caused a series of issues in their accessories. Some of those problems include “laggy” response times, and some customizable buttons flat-out not responding at all. Some owners have pointed out that the Performance Mouse MX and the M705 Marathon Laser Mouse are taking the brunt of the issue.

According to reports, the issue stems from a lack of compatibility between macOS Sierra and Logitech’s Control Center app. The latest release for the Control Center app, version 3.9.4, specifically mentions that the M705’s forward and back buttons are not working, and scrolling was “problematic” as well.

A user on StackExchange outlined their own issues with Logitech mice following the update to macOS Sierra on their computer:

“The scrolling behaviour is erratic because I’m actually assaulted by two issues:

In native macOS applications, like Apple Calendar, there is an ”inertia-ish” effect that slows down the scroll and introduces some sort of acceleration-like movement akin to the worst nightmares from Windows 10.

In third-party applications, like Google Chrome, the scrolling is quite fast but not fluid; it’s choppy and non-linear with sudden jumps and stops. Because of this, it feels like the computer is laggy when scrolling a page, but it’s probably due to the way the software scrolls.”

Logitech, for its part, has officially confirmed that the Control Center app is not supported in macOS Sierra at this point. At the time of publication, Logitech doesn’t have a release date for it, either:

“Hello all!
Thank you for your feedback. Your comments will be transferred to the appropriate department.

As of right now, LCC is not available on Mac Sierra. And there is no release date known.
Once it is available, it will be posted.

Thank you all.”

Are you seeing the same issues?

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