McLaren Denies it is in Acquisition Talks With Apple

Apple Car concept

On September 21, a pair of reports surfaced from the Financial Times and New York Times outlining that Apple has been in talks with McLaren Automotive for several months in regards to a future acquisition.

The goal, according to those reports, was Apple acquiring not only a plethora of talent from employees working at McLaren, but also the technology the company has been working on, both in terms of automotive design, but also onboard computer systems. Apple, if successful in the acquisition, could see the buyout happen for upwards of $2 billion, and put those efforts into its own Apple Car initiative.

However, apparently that is no longer the case. Or, wasn’t the case. According to a statement provided by McLaren itself, the company says it “is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment” at this time. At the point of publication, Apple has yet to comment on the rumors, but that is not unheard of.

As it stands right now, the Apple Car is reportedly set to debut as early as 2020, and while there have been ups-and-downs rumored over the last several months, it is still believed to be a “committed project.” Returning Apple employee Bob Mansfield is reportedly leading the project at this point.

[via AppleInsider]