New Apple Patent Reveals Continued Work on Wireless Charging

Apple Watch official dock

Apple is still hard at work on new inductive charging technologies for future products like iPhone, according to a new patent filing. It is trying to find a way to bring wireless charging to its devices without the limitations that come with existing solutions.

Wireless charging is now commonplace in iPhone rivals, such as Samsung’s latest Galaxy devices, leading many iPhone fans to call for a similar feature. But Apple doesn’t want to adopt existing technologies like Qi because they have so many restrictions.

Previous patent filings have revealed that Apple is trying to develop new solutions that avoid those restrictions. However, in a more recent patent, the company describes new ways of manufacturing those all too familiar wireless charging pads.


Its new patent filing covers tools designed to polish and brush metal devices, which was first filed in 2015. Apple specifically mentions creating space for an inductive coil in an inductive charging device, like a wireless charging pad.

Apple wireless charging pad

“The inductive charging station may include a support surface that receives an electronic device to be charged via induction charging free of a wired connection between the inductive charging station and the electronic device to be charged,” Apple explains.

Apple describes various ways in which the pad could be manufactured, and the kind of materials that could be used for its surface, through which electricity must pass to reach a device. However, its solution doesn’t sound a whole lot different to rivals like Qi.

Apple may be looking at new ways to wirelessly charge iPhones and iPads without wireless charging pads, then, but it looks like those could be further away that we first thought. It looks like not even Apple can eliminate the charging pad just yet.

[via PatentlyApple]