Reflectrix: An Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak That Adds Top Charts & Featured Tweaks Section to Cydia


Ever since Cydia was updated to run as “mobile” rather than “root”, many developers took the opportunity to create amazing tweaks that brought new features to Cydia and improved its design. Now an upcoming jailbreak tweak that is in closed beta promises to add Top Charts along with Featured Tweaks section to Cydia.

Many users have repeatedly requested Saurik to add a top charts section to Cydia, just like the App Store, so that it becomes much easier to find tweaks that are worth checking out. Unfortunately, we never go to see this but thanks to this new jailbreak tweak that’s going to be dream come true for many.

Known as Reflectrix, this tweak builds a list of the top paid, free and trending jailbreak tweaks and displays it right within Cydia via a new dedicated tab. The list is populated by gathering the installation count of each tweak from users who have installed Reflectrix. The developer acknowledges that this information is gathered anonymously and doesn’t compromise your security.

Just like the App Store, you can also filter tweaks to view them by category. For instance, you can choose to view tweaks that belong to the ‘Fonts’ category or those that are for messaging. This makes it much easier to find the tweak that you’re looking for.

Along with Top Charts, Reflectrix also presents a list of featured tweaks that are considered popular and useful. By tapping on any of the tweaks in the list, you will be taken to its description page where you can read more about it or install it right away.

Reflectrix also comes as a standalone app that can be found on the Home screen and contains the same features as its Cydia addon.

Given that the tweak is currently in beta, it works perfectly without any issues. If you ever wanted to have a Top Charts section in Cydia then Reflectrix is definitely the way to go.

The beta is currently available to invited users but it may open to the public by this week or the next one. Stay tuned with us to find out when the tweak is available for download.

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