Snowden-Approved Encrypted Chat App Signal Comes to Desktop

Signal iOS app icon

Signal, the powerful messaging app known for its encryption and security, now finally has a desktop app. Praised for its encryption standard, Signal has been available for iOS and Android since quite some time, but the lack of a desktop app has been the Achilles heel for its regular users.

If you are not aware of Signal, the chat app has been approved by Snowden for its stringent security and encryption techniques.

Once you download and install the Signal app on your PC, you can link it to your account by seamlessly approving the client from your phone by scanning a QR code being displayed by the desktop app. Unlike Telegram which offers a native desktop client, Signal’s desktop app is actually a Chrome app. This means that while the app will work on both Windows and Mac, you must have Chrome installed on your PC. While a Chrome app is likely not going to be as fast and polished as a native app, at least Signal users now have the option of catching up on their conversations from their PC as well.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Signal’s lead developer Moxie Marlinspike told that to get the desktop app to work, the identity key of Signal — unique for every account — is copied across your approved PCs and devices.

If you are using Signal on your iPhone, make sure to update the app to the latest version since it adds support for the desktop client.

[Via TechCrunch]