Watch iPhone 7 Get Crushed by a Hydraulic Press

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus performed surprisingly well in the various drops and waterproof tests that we have seen so far. The phones emerged usable from all the tests, though the drop tests did reveal the durability of the camera lens of the new iPhones as a point of concern.

Well, the folks over at Hydraulic Press Channel have posted a video in which — you guessed it — they pressed the iPhone 7 using a hydraulic press. The phone obviously did not survive the test, but unlike the Galaxy Note 7 that has been spontaneously combusting all over the world, the iPhone 7’s battery did not catch fire even while it was being crushed into pieces by the hydraulic press.

Impractical? Yes! Fun to watch? Definitely!

Like every year, iPhone 7 has been put through several tests, check them out: