Apple Pay May be Arriving in Germany Soon



Apple continues to expand Apple Pay into more markets around the world, with New Zealand being the most recent addition to the growing list.

But some regions are still left out of the mix for now. Luckily for those in Germany who have been eagerly waiting for the chance to use the mobile payment option, Apple’s own website may have hinted at the potential arrival. Many German blogs first took note of Germany’s inclusion on an Apple-published map showing Apple Pay availability last week, but the country has since been removed from the map after it the initial discovery.

Still, a little digging from Reddit user Alisamix on the official German Apple website brings to light a few more clues. That includes doing a search for “Apple Pay” on the website, which reveals an inactive “” link. There are already German-language Apple Pay support documents on file as well.

If Germany is indeed on the road map, that could mean it’s the fifth European nation to get added to the mix. The mobile payment option is already supported in Russia, Switzerland, France, and the United Kingdom.

[via MacRumors]

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