Apple Pay Launches in New Zealand with ANZ Support


Apple Pay has been rolling out across the globe since its debut, and it appears that New Zealand is the newest addition.

As surfaced by MacRumors, and initially reported by the New Zealand-based Stuff magazine, Apple Pay support is now live in the country. The “Coming Soon” tag has also been removed from the New Zealand Apple Pay landing page. With this support now live, this is the 10th country to offer support for the mobile payment option.

As it stands right now, the support is only offered by ANZ. That means that Apple Pay only supports Visa-branded debit and credit cards issued by the bank at this time.

Liz Maguire spoke to Stuff, and said that the fee the bank has to pay Apple to support Apple Pay is ultimately worth it, thanks to the value it adds for customers:

“For us it much more about the value it brings out customers than anything else. I think we’re going to see a lot of people using it because it’s so easy.”

She said the bank had received enquires from new customers but did not say how many.

“We think there’s a lot of interest for Apple Pay in the market and when it was announced there was a lot of commentary on social media saying ‘when is my bank going to offer Apple Pay'”

According to Apple, a customer may need to enter their PIN associated with the card on file if the purchase is 80 NZD or above.

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