Apple Will Unify its Cloud Services With New Platform as Teams Merge

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Apple has been focusing on services for quite awhile now, especially its cloud platform, and now the company is reportedly doubling down on its efforts.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is planning on making some changes behind-the-scens to its cloud services, focusing on improving what’s available by not only merging teams, but also putting them in the same offices on one campus. As it stands right now, the teams that put together Apple Maps, Siri, Apple Pay, and other services are scattered around in separate offices. That is apparently changing.

Those teams will be merged and put together to help collaboration between the services, as well as focus on speeding up platform development. The teams will be working on a new backend reportedly codenamed “Pie.”

This is all working out because many Apple engineers and managers are getting shifted away from 1 Infinite Loop, and moving over to the new Apple Campus 2. With the new space available, the team working on Pie will be moved into 1 Infinite Loop. The report notes that Apple’s Eddy Cue thinks it would be good if the Internet Services Division working on Pie stick behind at 1 Infinite Loop.

As far as Pie goes, Apple is said to be working on unifying its cloud services, from Siri, to Apple Pay, and Apple Music. Those services will be moved to a single platform, the aforementioned Pie, and the article says that some service, like the iTunes Store and Apple News, are already running on the platform.

[via Bloomberg]