Callblock App on Hold Until Apple Fixes CallKit Issues With iOS 10.1 Update


The makers of the Callblock app have confirmed it is currently on hold until Apple resolves issues with its CallKit framework in the upcoming iOS 10.1 update. Apple has admitted that the framework is buggy in the latest releases of iOS 10.

Callblock was the first app that provided caller ID and blocked telemarketers on iOS, but users found that it stopped working properly after upgrading to the latest iOS 10 updates. Developer Rocketship was unable to replicate the issues, but thought it had identified the cause.

“Some Callblock installs weren’t fetching updated telemarketer names and phone numbers in the background as intended,” the company explains. “After trying unsuccessfully to trigger updates remotely, we cut and submitted a patched build for review.”

As it turns out, the lack of background updates wasn’t the problem. After speaking to Apple’s review team, Rocketship discovered that call-directory extensions, such as Callblock, are “failing intermittently due to issues with CallKit.”

Apple is working on a fix that should be available with iOS 10.1, Rocketship says, but the company has paused reviews of call-directory extensions until the update is available to all. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know what that will be.

iOS 10.1 is currently in its third beta release, and we expect to see another one or two before it goes public. In the meantime, Callblock is still available from the App Store at a discounted price of $3.99 and a note that explains Rocketship is aware of the issues.

If you’re interested in the app, you can buy it now by following the download link below. Just bear in mind that it won’t work properly until iOS 10.1 is available.

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