China Surpasses United States To Generate Highest iOS App Store Revenue for Apple

Chinas Commerce Minister meets Apples Cook in Beijing

App intelligence firm App Annie reports that China has become the largest market in the world for Apple in terms of revenue for the iOS App Store. China itself brought in about $1.7 billion in App Store revenue in Q3 2016, which is 15 percent higher than the revenue numbers posted by the U.S. App Store.

United States has been the number one market for the iOS App Store since 2010 for Apple.

The growth of the Chinese App Store has been led by games, which drove 75 percent revenue to the App Store. Just two years ago, Chinese consumers were spending 5 times less amount on the App Store than what they are spending now.


The report, however, states that non-games will also see their revenue increasing in the coming year thanks to in-app subscriptions. This is already evident from the Chinese App Store where games from the Entertainment and Social Networking categories posted a 3x rise in their revenue over the last one year.

And in a revelation that is not going to surprise anyone, App Annie reports that Pokémon Go was the most popular game released this year. The game managed to surpass $600 million in revenues 2.5x times faster than Candy Crush Saga and over 6.2x times faster than the highly popular Clash of Clans. While the game’s popularity is wearing off, it still remains extremely popular and accounts for 45 percent of total time spent in-app when compared to the other top 20 games.

China has become an increasingly important market for Apple in a relatively short time. While China had overtaken the United States as Apple’s major market in terms of iPhone sales last year, stiff competition from local Chinese OEMs and other legal issues saw the company lose its market share in the following quarters.

[Via TechCrunch]