Google Assistant vs. Siri: Personal Assistant Face-Off


Despite all the criticism it has received, a comparison video posted by popular YouTuber MKBHD shows that Apple’s virtual assistant can hold its own against Google Assistant.

In the video, Marquees Brownlee compares Siri on his iPhone 7 Plus to Google Assistant running on his Google Pixel XL. He asks both assistants a variety of questions to test their capabilities. Both assistants do fairly well in simple tasks like setting up a timer or location reminders, opening applications, and answering some simple questions.

When things get a bit more conversational though, Google Assistant is able to easily pull ahead of Siri. For example, if one asks “who is the president of United States” followed by the height of Barack Obama, Siri will fail to get the relevant answer. The voice assistant can, however, show more information than Google Assistant in certain cases like when asked to show the stock prices of Tesla.

Google Assistant is also significantly better than Siri in some scenarios since it has access to your personal photos. This allows the assistant to show relevant answers to questions like “show me photos of cats that I took last week” which Siri would fail to understand.

Up until now, it was widely believed that Google’s Assistant was smarter than Siri. However, as the video from MKBHD clearly shows, Siri can — surprisingly — easily hold its own against Google Assistant contrary to what many people think. Sure, it’s not as conversational as Assistant, and it requires you to read some of the answers yourself rather than Siri telling them to you automatically.

How happy are you with Siri? Do you think it is as smart as Google Assistant?