Half of Galaxy Note 7 Owners Will Switch to iPhone, Survey Finds

Image credit: DigitalLife

Half of the people who purchased a Galaxy Note 7 will switch to an iPhone, according to a new survey. Fortunately for the South Korean company, the fiasco doesn’t appear to have damaged its brand too much, with the vast majority still willing to buy other Samsung products.

IDC surveyed 1,082 consumers based in the U.S. earlier this month, just four days after Samsung decided to halt Galaxy Note 7 production for good.

The survey focused on three groups: current Samsung phone owners (507), past Samsung phone owners (347), and those who have never owned the Samsung brand (228). Due to the limited install base, only 24 respondents actually owned a Note 7.

Nevertheless, over half of them said that they will choose an iPhone when it comes to replacing their recalled device, while only 17 percent said they would choose another Samsung phone.

The good news, at least for Samsung, is that the vast majority of those surveyed said that the Note 7 debacle would not not impact future decisions to buy other Samsung products, such as televisions and appliances.

“The Note 7 recall along with all its repercussions, represents a significant event in the world of consumer electronics,” said Anthony Scarsella, research manager at IDC. “Although the recall may have an adverse impact on the brand in the short term, the truth is that Samsung remains the clear market leader in the worldwide smartphone market.”

“Moving forward, Samsung will need to put the Note 7 to rest as quickly as possible and focus all efforts on producing a stellar Galaxy S8 come next spring. If successful, consumers will quickly forget the Note 7 fiasco if the upcoming S8 can deliver on all fronts.”

Ramon T. Llamas for IDC added that for the minority of Samsung customers who said they wouldn’t buy another device, Samsung has to win back trust. “Thus far Samsung has offered monetary incentives but, at the heart of the matter, consumers want to learn the root causes of the problem and how Samsung intends to fix them.”

Recent reports have claimed Samsung has been unable to find the root cause of the Note 7’s exploding batteries, but one company executive has promised to provide fans with answers once an internal probe is concluded later this year.

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