Apple’s iOS Developer Academy Begins October 6 in Italy


Back in January of this year, it was announced that Apple’s first iOS Developer Academy would be held in the University of Naples, in Italy.

It was also confirmed, at the time, that Apple plans on launching the program in other regions across the globe, but that rollout hasn’t begun just yet. Instead, the company’s efforts continue to focus on the first academy, which has recently been confirmed to begin on Thursday, October 6.

The class will include 200 Italian students, each of which will be tasked with learning how to code for Apple’s iOS devices. The course will run for nine months, and students will be given not only an iPhone, but also a current MacBook, and an iPad. The course also has its tuition covered as well.

“With just days to go before the academy’s 6 October opening, Leopoldo Angrisani, a university professor who has helped organise the academy with Apple, excitedly mapped out a diagram of the new classroom, which is still under construction. The academy will be housed within the gleaming new buildings in Federico II’s new San Giovanni campus, an area comprised of three big buildings with glass facades – plus another building under construction – that starkly contrast with the rest of the neighbourhood.”

While competition is part of the learning process, and engrained in the class, cooperation between students will also be a key element more often than not. On top of all that, there will be periods where the students will be able to rest, with couches available in the classroom, so that they can learn how to balance the workload.

[via The Guardian]