Microsoft Unveils Surface Book i7 With 2x Faster GPU and 30% More Battery Life

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft today announced its 2016 edition of the Surface Book. The laptop-tablet hybrid has been redesigned internally from the ground up to better thermal performance, up to 2x better graphics performance, and better battery life. From the outside, though, the Surface Book looks exactly like its 2015 edition.

Powered by Intel’s latest generation Core i7 processors, the Surface Book offers 1.9TFlops of graphical performance making it up to 2x faster than the GPU found in the 2015 Surface Book. Microsoft’s Panos Panay was also quick to point out at the event that the 2016 Surface Book offers 3x the graphics performance of the 13-inch MacBook Pro from Apple.

Despite coming with faster and more powerful internals, the Surface Book i7 now boasts of up to 16 hours of battery life, which is 30 percent more than what the previous Surface Book managed. Not to forget, the Surface Book still comes with a removable touchscreen display which means it can act as a standalone device as well.

Pre-orders for the new Surface Book start from October 26th (i.e. today), with availability scheduled for November. The device has been priced at $2,399.

The new Surface Book i7 from Apple will take on the redesigned 15-inch MacBook Pro that Apple is scheduled to unveil tomorrow. While it is already known that Apple’s refreshed MacBook Pro models will come with faster internals, it remains to be seen how the new laptops from Apple will stack against the new Surface Book from Microsoft.