Spook Your Friends with These 10 Halloween Tricks for the iPhone

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Halloween is just around the corner. And you know what that means – spooking/annoying/pranking your friends. And all you need to that is your iPhone. Read on the find out about the best apps, iMessage stickers and tricks for doing just that.

Spooky Photos

1. Ghost Lens+


Ghost Lens+ helps you have that out of body experience you’ve always wanted. Take a photo of yourself, doing something crazy, like being a zombie/ghost/lying dead and get Ghost Lens+ do its thing.

The app will add doubles of you, inside the photo, with a transparency effect. The end result is it looks like your ghost is in the photo.

Download: Ghost Lens+

2. Photo Lab


Photo Lab is a similar app, but for spooky filters. Add scary filters on your face and send it along to your friends. Once you install the app, look under the “Halloween” tab for all the scary effects.

Download: Photo Lab

iMessage Sticker Packs

3. Awesome Halloween Stickers for iMessage


As the title says, the sticker pack is a collection of awesome halloween stickers. You’ll find more than 40 stickers. The design is spooky, yet fun.

Download: Awesome Halloween Stickers for iMessage ($0.99)

4. Zombie Stickers


This sticker pack is fun all year around. But especially so this time of the year. You’ll find a collection of spooky (kind of yucky) skulls. Colorful skulls though. The cool part is that the stickers are animated, pulsing. Cool, or terrifying. Either way, works for us.

Download: Zombie Stickers

5. Hack-O-Lantern Stickers


This is a pretty cool iMessage app. Using the app, you can share a pumpkin, then use the stickers to customize your lantern. Your friends in the chat can do the same.

Download: Hack-O-Lantern Stickers ($1.99)

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Spooky Games

6. Zombies, Run!

Nothing can get you in the true spirit of Halloween other than actually, physically running away from Zombies. Zombies, Run! is a fitness app but also a game. Put on your earphones, get out, play and you’ll have an actual running away from zombies experience.

Download: Zombies, Run!

7. Into the Dead

What’s better than zombies? Endless zombies? Into The Dead is an endless zombie shooter. They’ll just keep coming. The question is, how long can you survive.

Download: Into the Dead

8. Play Pokémon Go


If you needed yet another reason to play Pokémon, here it is. Between October 26th and November 1st, certain spooky Pokemons will appear a lot more often. This means additional points for you.

Download: Pokémon Go

Prank Your Friends

9. Turn on Voice Over

Want to really annoying your friends? Just pick up your friend’s phone, engage Siri and just say “Turn on Voice Over”. Now, their iPhone will read out everything on screen. This can get really annoying, really fast. To turn it off, you can go into Settings or just ask Siri again.

10. Replace Some Text

This is a classic trick but you can be really creative with it as it’s Halloween. iOS has a very useful Text Replacement feature where you can expand any string of text using a shortcut text snippet. But this can be used for evil.

text replacement ios featured

So you can go into “Settings” -> “General” -> “Keyboard” -> “Text replacement”. Add a common word like “Hey” as a shortcut and some spooky text like “bwahaha” as the expanded phrase. You’re only limited by your creativity here.

How Did You Spook Your Friends?

How did you spook your friends this Halloween? Share with us in the comments below.