Apple Discontinues Development of AirPort Wireless Routers; Reassigns Team to Other Projects


In a move to focus more on its core business and services that generate the most amount of revenue, Apple has reportedly disbanded the division that works on its AirPort wireless routers. The company has been working on disbanding its wireless router team since the last one year and has moved some members of the team to its Apple TV team and other projects.

Apple last updated its AirPort routers in 2013 with faster wireless speeds and ac connectivity. Apple has been pretty regular in updating its AirPort routers with new WiFi standards. However, the routers likely never sold in enough numbers to bring a significant revenue for Apple due to their steep price and extremely simple to use approach. The routers lagged behind in terms of performance and connectivity when compared to other third-party routers from Asus and Netgear.

AirPort routers did offer AirPlay support and other neat integration with Apple products like automatic data backup to hard disks for Macs that made consumers stick to them. With the team disbanded, Apple’s AirPort routers are all but dead and the chances of Apple launching a newer version of them is remote. In all likelihood, we will see Apple promote third-party wireless routers similar to what it did by promoting external displays from LG after it stopped selling its own external monitors.

Do you use an Apple AirPort router? If yes, have you been happy with its performance?

[Via Bloomberg]