The Best Car Mount for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus


The iOttie Easy One Touch 3 is an excellent and affordable car mount for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It has a powerful suction cup to keep it in place for those bumpy rides. Plus, the mount can rotate and swivel to angle the device at nearly any position you want.

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I’ve owned an iOttie car dock for several years now, dating all the way back to the days of my iPhone 5. It served me well for a long time keeping my phone steadily in place while I drive and easily within reach to see GPS navigation and play some music. I came across a problem though when this year I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s my first Plus-sized iPhone and the device no longer fit in the original iOttie.

Lo and behold, the iOttie Easy One Touch 3 had recently come out and promised to fit pretty much every phone including the Plus models of the iPhone. I went for it and I’m pretty glad I did. Having used other car docks, I always thought the original iOttie was superior. Now I’m confident the iOttie 3 is the best car mount around, especially for the price.

iOttie 3’s Versatile Design

When looking for a car mount, you probably only care about two things: design and stability. This thing just needs to easy enough to work and it has to work well. So let’s first tackle the design of the iOttie Easy One Touch 3.


It’s made of plastic, but not cheap plastic. It feels extremely solid, even more so than the first generation. The mount even has metal accents around the The iOttie 3 uses a powerful suction cup to stay firmly on your dashboard, plus a lever that adds to the suction and really fuses it to nearly any surface.

To place your iPhone in, you just squeeze the two buttons on the side. Rest your iPhone on the base and then push it inward on the spring mechanism behind it. You’ll hear a click and the sides will clamp together to lock the iPhone in place. Release the phone by squeezing the two side buttons in again.

The best feature of the iOttie 3 is just how versatile it is. You can keep it nice and compact allowing the weight of the mount to naturally support the phone or you can extend it up to eight inches out. You can position the mount so your iPhone faces down low, straight up, or any angle in between. The back plate of the mount also swivels so the iPhone can tilt left or right. Plus, the base has a hole to fit the Lightning cable through for charging or music.

One of my complaints about the original iOttie was that it felt a bit too far away from me. I couldn’t just move it because its placement was limited by the size of my dashboard. It also couldn’t extend out like the iOttie 3 can, so imaginably, my complaint is gone with this new version of the mount.


Aside from the mechanics, the iOttie just looks good too. It’s mostly black, which should fit nicely in nearly any car’s interior. The silver accent around the spring mechanism is an interesting touch too. Plus, all of the mechanisms and complications are hidden behind the dock, so it appears as simple as can be while still as functional as can be.

iOttie 3 Stability

The design now brings us to the stability of the iOttie Easy One Touch 3. I’m happy to report that this thing is quite stable.

I was very skeptical at first how the dock would not only be able to support the weight of the iPhone 7 Plus, but support it while extended eight inches straight out. The iOttie 3 handles the task like a pro though and that’s mostly thanks to the powerful suction cup.

In fact, without the suction cup locked in place with the lever, the mount tips right over with the iPhone in it. Suction is necessary to maintain the weight of the phone.


A few times when I used to own the first-generation iOttie, the dock would suddenly fall off of my dashboard. It wasn’t so violent as to distract me while driving, but it was annoying. I noticed this only happened though in the summer, particularly when it was excessively hot in the car. I haven’t had the chance to test the iOttie 3 in the summer yet, but I do know a quick reattachment secures it once again.

The mount jiggles a little bit here and there in my car, but has never come loose in the weeks I’ve been using it. The iPhone has also never fallen out nor has the clasp failed to keep it in perfect position.

Because of the excellent versatility and stability of iOttie Easy One Touch 3, I can recommend this as the best car dock for your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You can’t beat the price either. The iOttie car mount is compatible with iPhones with 3.5-inch screens so it will work with any iPhone.

Buy iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount:

$24.99 on Amazon

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