Netflix Now Supports Offline Playback for Some Content


Way back in June of this year, it was considered an “open secret” that, in some way or another, Netflix was preparing to launch offline playback for its content.

Earlier this month another report cropped up that said Netflix was indeed considering offline options, but that it would probably only see the light of day outside the United States, in areas where connectivity to the Internet is not as readily available, or as fast. Well, that open secret is now officially official, as Netflix now supports offline playback — with Netflix version 9.0, which is said to be rolling out soon.

The offline playback option is available for any customer on any streaming plan, and it will work on iOS and Android. The streaming company made the announcement on its Twitter account recently, pointing out that offline playback means you can watch Netflix while in Airplane Mode, or just on a road trip and you don’t want to consume a ton of mobile data.

It’s worth pointing out that Netflix plans on adding content available to download, but the selection is limited in scope at launch. Netflix’s own content, like original shows and movies, are included, but a lot of third-party content isn’t included. However, as Steve Kovach points out on Twitter, there is some third-party content available, including Office Space, Mad Men, and a few others. The availability will expand as time goes on.

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[via @netflix]