Tim Cook Focuses on Corporate Values in New Interview


Earlier today, as is par for the course with this time of the year, Apple has officially announced its support of the PRODUCT(RED) initiative.

Now, in a new interview with USA Today, Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, outlines the corporate values the Cupertino-based company continues to hold, as it tries to bolster more civil rights areas, and leave the world “a better place than we found it.” These are statements that Cook has said in the past, reiterating Apple’s position when it comes to trying to help people all across the planet, whether that’s with its products directly or with these types of partnerships.

“We put our weight behind lots of things in the civil rights area,” says Cook. “Similarly, I think it’s key that people think about what they stand for and help their communities. We always say that we want to leave the world better than we found it. So, we try to thoughtfully decide how we can do that.”

Cook believes that the best possible way for Apple to help people is with its products, unsurprisingly, as he says it gives people the ability to do great things, not just for themselves but for others as well. However, he believes that partnerships with (RED) and others make it easier to reach people that the company might not be able to reach otherwise. Cook says he wants Apple to be a company that does what it can to help people, “and stand up to protect as well as advance people’s rights.”

The CEO of (RED), Deb Dugan, has said that the efforts put forth by the company and the partnership with Apple has positively impacted 70 million individuals all over the globe that are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

You can read the full interview through the source link below.

[via USA Today]