Watch an iPhone 7 Survive a 500 Foot Fall From a Helicopter

iPhone 7 dropped from helicopter

You’ve probably seen countless iPhone drop tests, but the latest from YouTuber Jonathan Morrison takes the fall to another level. Watch a shiny new iPhone 7 fall 500 feet from a helicopter and survive — thanks to a sturdy bumper case.

Morrison’s iPhone is wearing a RhinoShield CrashGuard bumper. Similar to Apple’s bumper case for the iPhone 4, it wraps around the sides of the device to protect it from drops, without covering any of its front or its sleek aluminum unibody.

Despite leaving large parts of the iPhone uncovered, the RhinoShield does an excellent job of protecting it. After falling 500 feet from a helicopter, not only is the iPhone still recording video when it lands on the ground, but it’s also completely unscatched.

The device has no scratches or dents, and somehow, its display is still intact!

Obviously it’s not a good idea to try this at home — even if you do have access to a helicopter — but if you’re clumsy and drop your iPhone a lot, a RhinoShield could be the perfect case for you. You can order one by following the Amazon link below.

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