AirPods Stock Running Low in Apple’s Retail Stores; First Impressions of Customers Are Overwhelmingly Positive [Updated]

Apple has started delivering the first batch of AirPods deliveries to customers in the United States and across Europe. Stocks of AirPods also started making their way to Apple’s retail stores earlier in the day across the United States and Europe, but with many potential customers already lining up outside of stores in order to get their hands on one, the initial stock ran out quickly.

If you could not get your AirPods order in quickly when they went on sale through Apple’s online store late last week, your best bet now would be to head over to your nearest Apple store and hope that they still have the AirPods in stock. While delivery estimates of AirPods range from 5 to 6 weeks on Apple’s online store, the company says that its retail stores would be regularly supplied with stocks of the wireless earbuds.

The first impressions of most users aboutAirPods were also overwhelmingly positive. Reddit user ChrisMorrisOrg noted that he was able to charge his AirPods from 30% to 100% in under 20 minutes. He also said that there are no syncing issues between the two pieces of AirPods, with the initial pairing process being extremely easy as well. Impressively, once iCloud syncs the AirPods across all your devices, you can hit the play button on any one of them to play music through the AirPods. The ability to seamlessly switch between different devices without having to go through the pairing or setup process again is definitely going to be a huge selling point for the AirPods over other wireless Bluetooth earbuds in the market.

Have you managed to get your hands on AirPods yet? How impressed are you with it so far?

Update: Customers in the United States are reporting that people are lining up outside of Apple stores in their neighbourhood to get their hands on the AirPods.

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