Apple Shares Tips From Photographers For Using Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus

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One of the bullet points in the features column for the iPhone 7 Plus is Portrait Mode thanks to the dual-camera setup on the back.

Apple poured over the feature when it was initially announced, and, since the feature found its way in beta form with iOS 10.1 earlier this year, more and more people have been able to take the feature for a spin. Now, Apple has shared some tips on how to get the most out of Portrait Mode with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple published the tips after speaking with photographers in various fields of interest, like weddings, travel, celebrity, and many other areas. The tips vary as one might expect, from “cutting out distractions,” or “minimizing the background.” Some photographers note to give the subject “some space,” when trying to snap the perfect photo with the bokeh effect.

Here are a few of the tips:

Pei Ketron, Travel Photographer:


“Pei Ketron is a world traveler and when not taking photos of incredible landscapes she’s enjoying time with her dog, Luna. She says, “Portrait mode on the new iPhone 7 Plus creates beautifully realistic background bokeh that rivals DSLRs.” When taking photos of pets and animals she advises, “give your pup some space. Portrait mode uses the telephoto lens, so a distance of about eight feet away is recommended. Have treats ready. You’ll get the best results when your subject isn’t moving.”

Jeremy Cowart, Celebrity Photographer:

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“When he’s behind the camera, Jeremy Cowart is known for taking incredible portraits of celebrities. This portrait of his son is a favorite image he’s shot using iPhone 7 Plus saying, “I’m kind of freaking out. Portrait mode is unbelievable.” He recommends minimizing the background and “cut out the distractions from your subject,” and “try to find the shade and put the sun behind your subject as a nice back light.” He also finds “pulling the exposure down just a hair really makes my images look more cinematic.”

Benj Haisch, Wedding Photographer


“Wedding photographer Benj Haisch said Portrait mode “is absolutely changing the way I look at mobile photography. Having a wide angle 28 mm equivalent paired with the 56 mm equivalent and Portrait mode has been game-changer in achieving professional results without bringing any additional equipment.” He says, “having soft, diffused lighting will help with keeping the photo flattering to your subject. Find a space that isn’t too busy or distracting, as Portrait mode will create a photo that really pops.”

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, how are you liking that dual-camera setup?

[via Apple]

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