LG Said to Supply Apple With Foldable Displays for Future iPhones

iPhone 8 with curved AMOLED display

In a bid to challenge Samsung’s near monopoly on OLED panels, Google, Apple and Microsoft are reportedly partnering with LG on flexible OLED panels. The report from ET News claims that LG Display has already developed a prototype unit of a foldable OLED panel, which are reportedly very difficult to manufacture.

Apple is reported to be using OLED panels on the iPhone 8 next year, so it’s not surprising that LG Display has already secured the Cupertino company as one of its partners. However, it’s interesting to see Google and Microsoft also work with LG Display on building foldable displays. The former can benefit from foldable displays on its Pixel lineup, while Microsoft can make use of foldable OLED displays on its Surface lineup of tablets and PCs.

According to an industry on the 15th, LG Display is currently developing out-foldable panels for Smartphones. Unlike how Samsung Display is working with Samsung Electronics’ Wireless Business Department, LG Display is developing foldable devices with outside businesses such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

It is interesting to see Apple, Google, and Microsoft working together on foldable OLED panels with LG Display in a bid to negate Samsung Display’s monopoly in the market. With demand for OLED panels set to surge in the coming years, it’s not surprising to see that three of the biggest tech giants are working together to solve the supply issues that currently persist with OLED panels.

Reports indicate that Apple will be using a curved OLED panel on the iPhone 8. The display on the handset will be curved on both its edges similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and S7 edge. However, due to supply constraints, the Cupertino company will only be using the OLED panel on the premium Plus model of the handset next year.

[Via ET News]