Wireless Charging Startup Energous has Teamed up With Apple Supplier Dialog


Way back in 2015, the wireless charging startup known as Energous showed off “truly wireless charging,” which caught plenty of attention.

And ever since then, rumors and reports have continuously cropped up outlining, in some way or another, Apple working with the startup to implement wireless charging in a future iPhone. Before the iPhone 7 launched, for instance, it was rumored that Energous and Apple had made it possible to charge the smartphone from 15 feet away.

Now, as reported by Fast Company, Energous has received a $10 million investment from Dialog Semiconductor recently, which is a supplier of Apple’s. Energous, despite the rumors, is probably too small to be a supplier for Apple on its own, so this type of move, where, from this point on, all of Energous’ technologies will be sold under the Dialog branding, means they can be a real option for Apple.

“If Apple were to build a long-range wireless charging receiver into the iPhone it would very likely have to integrate with Dialog’s power-management chip in the iPhone.

Wireless charging of the sort that Samsung has incorporated is old news.
On its own, Energous is probably too small to be an Apple supplier. Apple suppliers have to be large enough to reliably supply parts at Apple’s huge scale. Dialog obviously already has that capacity. With the Energous technology basically being folded into the Dialog structure, all of a sudden Energous has it too.”

While wireless charging has been a feature rumored for previous iPhones in the past, new speculation around the iPhone 8, which is expected to arrive in late-2017, suggests it may actually be a possibility this time around.

You can check out an early video showing off Energous technologies in the video below.

[via Fast Company]

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