Father Gifts His Son An Apple II+ Made Out of Gingerbread for Christmas

Apple II+

Parents usually give their children iPhones, iPads, or other tech accessories during Christmas. However, a nerdy and cool father decided to take things to the next level for his 9-year-old son this Christmas and worked with him on creating a replica of Apple II+ made completely out of gingerbread. 

The replica is very detailed, with the dad-son duo building expansion slots, keyboard, and even a green motherboard. There is also an edible floppy disk to go along with the Apple II+ replica and a chocolate keyboard.

The dad has even explained the process in brief in a post on Reddit:

We used the original to take measurements from and to play Artillery on. The gingerbread version is entirely edible. The keys are Milky Way minis; a chocolate bar was cut up to make the space bar and the chips on the board; you can’t see it in the pictures, but there’s a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup as a speaker down below the keyboard; Red Vines make great wires for the power supply; and our favorite find while browsing the candy aisle were Airheads sour rainbow belts that we used for the Apple logos and for the ribbon cables.

For a kid who is fascinated by his father’s old Apple collection, I don’t think he could have received a better gift this Christmas.

So, what did you gift your kid this Christmas?

[Via Reddit]