How to Create Your Own Twitter Moment on iPhone or iPad

Photo: Twitter

Though not as popular as Twitter had hoped, Twitter Moments are a fun way to skim through some of the top tweets, photos and videos on a trending topic. Trying to expand their reach, Twitter now allows the ability for users to create their own moments. They work a little bit differently though.

Don’t expect to see your Twitter Moments featured on the Moments page any time soon — those are still for Twitter’s own creations. Instead, your own Moments are a great way to round up your favorite related tweets and save them for later or share them in a collection. Initially a feature limited to the desktop website, now you can create your own Moments from the iOS and Android apps.

Creating a Twitter Moment from the Mobile App

You can create a Twitter Moment starting immediately from one tweet by tapping the ∨ button to bring up the menu, but instead we’ll start from scratch. To do that, tap the Me tab in the Twitter app, then the Settings gear icon. Tap Moments.

Here is where you can access all of your saved moments in the future. Until you build up a collection, tap Create New to begin.

Tap the card, then set your title, a brief description of the story this Moment tells, and choose a background image.

Once that’s set, tap Add Tweets. Here, you can scroll through your own tweets, your liked tweets or search all of Twitter. Yes, that means you can include tweets that aren’t your own. You can also search for a particular account to just see his/her tweets. Tap the tweet cards to select them, then tap the Add button at the bottom.

It’s fine to choose to add additional tweets later, so don’t worry about selecting them all right away. Plus, tapping Reorder lets you rearrange them. Plain text cards also have a color drop icon at the top right which allows you to change the background color of tweets without a photo. Tweets with a photo have a crop tool instead.

Settings and Publishing

Before you’re ready to publish, tap More to view your settings.

Here, you can mark your Moment as sensitive if it has potentially explicit material. You can also disable sharing your location with Twitter or delete the Moment entirely.

Publishing your Moment makes it publicly available on Twitter right away. You can go back and either unpublish it (keeping it visible to those only with the link) or delete it later at any time. When the Moment is complete, tap Publish and you’re done.

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