iOS 10.2 Will Be Released Next Week

iPhone 7 Plus - Back - Camera - closeup

After releasing multiple betas of iOS 10.2, Apple seems all set to release the final release of the OS next week. In a support document that Apple published earlier today detailing iPhone 6s random restart issues, the company noted that it would be releasing a new software update next week with additional diagnostic tools baked in.

Considering that Apple has already released more than 5 different betas of iOS 10.2 at this point and Christmas fast approaching, it is all but given that Apple is going to release the final version of iOS 10.2 next week.

iOS 10.2 will come with a number of new changes and features, including a new TV app that will help iPhone/iPad users discover new TV shows easily. Other changes include a new SOS feature that will be available in a handful of countries like the United States, Japan, Russia, and others. The Music app will also be updated to make shuffling and repeating songs less of a nightmare.

Are you looking forward to iOS 10.2 release?

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