What are My Nintendo Points in Super Mario Run?

If you’ve been playing Super Mario Run, you might be familiar with the two main forms of currency: coins and toad rally tickets. However, there is a hidden and dare I say superior third currency built into the game. It’s My Nintendo points. I say they’re superior because they let you buy both tickets and coins if you need them, plus other rewards too.

My Nintendo points aren’t featured as prominently in the game as tickets and coins, but they’re extremely useful to have. So how can you earn these points and what can you spend them on?

How to Earn My Nintendo Points

The easiest way to earn My Nintendo points is to just play Super Mario Run… literally. Points are often given just by completing the six worlds in the tour and participating in daily activities. You’ll get 50 points for each world you complete, so 300 total by the time the tour is complete.

You also get 100 points right off the bat by linking Super Mario Run to your Nintendo account. Then add your first friend in Super Mario Run to get 100 points, add a fifth friend to get another 100, and a 10th friend to get a final 100.

The other methods for earning My Nintendo points don’t get you as many all at once, but they’re recurring if you keep up with the game. For instance, playing in the toad rally at least once per day gets you 10 points every day you play it. If you win at least three times per week, you get 50 points that week.

My Nintendo Points Rewards

When you’ve completed a task that earns you points, tap My Nintendo at the top right of your Kingdom. Then tap Missions and tap Collect Points anywhere you see it down the list. Without doing this you don’t get the points you earned.

Now tap the Rewards tab to explore the goodies you can spend them on. The rewards start with groups of 1,000 coins, 2,000 coins and 3,000 coins for 60 points, 100 points and 140 points, respectively. You can also get five toad rally tickets for 150 points or 10 tickets for 250 points. As you might notice, higher amounts in coins and tickets are better values.

Those are really the only meaningful rewards you can get with My Nintendo Points. Right now the only other three are a white flower patch, Block E and the gold Mario Statue. These decorate your Mushroom Kingdom but don’t do anything else. I have to say though, I remember the older Super Mario games having gold Mario statues as grand prizes, so I spent my hard-earned 300 My Nintendo points on that. He now happily stands tall in my kingdom. Nostalgia sells.

Hopefully Nintendo adds more My Nintendo rewards over time. If nothing else, they’re a good way to purchase coins and toad rally tickets. At least you don’t have to spend real money on them as with so many other App Store games these days.