Super Mario Run Update Adds New ‘Friendly Run’ Mode

Nintendo has started rolling out the first update to Super Mario Run for iOS adding a new game mode to it. The new mode dubbed “Friendly Run” lets you compete with friends that you have added in the game.

Consider this more like a practice for the actual game though, since the new game mode does not offer any coins, gain any toads, or level up any enemies. On the flip side, you also don’t need to spend your rally tickets to try out the new game mode.

If you have already purchased the full version of Super Mario Run and have cleared World 1, you can play the new game mode up to three times daily. And if you have cleared World 2 and above, you are eligible for five Friendly Runs every day of the week. In case you are yet to clear even World 1 in the game, you will only get one Friendly Run ticket per day.

Nintendo has already made it clear that it will not be adding new content to Super Mario Run, and technically, the company has stuck to its word. The new “Friendly Run” is just a new game mode and does not bring any new content or level to the game. It will, however, help in increasing the replayability of the game as more people will be interested in competing against their friends in the game. This new game mode will also encourage more players to add their friends inside the game, which can help in introducing the game to new people.

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