Apple Pay Will Support ‘MORE.’ Loyalty Program at Over 300,000 Vending Machines in U.S.

In January of 2015, USA Technologies announced that it was bringing Apple Pay support to over 200,000 vending machines in the United States.

That rollout must have gone well enough, because the company that focuses on self-serve technologies has just announced, during CES 2017, that it is adding support for “MORE.” loyalty and payroll deduct program at over 300,000 vending machines that accept Apple Pay in the United States.

The MORE. program will allow those who use Apple Pay at a supported vending machine to earn, exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions towards a future purchase.

For the Apple Pay users out there who aren’t part of the MORE. loyalty program, a vending machine will be able to easily enroll that person into the program right then and there. The new digital reward card will be instantly added into Apple Pay.

“Consumers are getting more accustomed to paying with their phones, and with all of the digital noise coming at consumers 24/7, loyalty and rewards programs that easily integrate into popular payment methods like Apple Pay are a win/win,” said Maeve McKenna Duska, senior vice president of sales and marketing, USA Technologies. “By offering MORE. with Apple Pay we are giving consumers a loyalty program that seamlessly integrates with their lifestyle, rewarding them for using the one thing they always have on hand, their iPhone or Apple Watch. We expect the MORE. integration with Apple Pay will not only fuel participation in the unattended loyalty program, but also underscore the ease, security and simplicity of Apple Pay transactions for everyday purchases like those made at vending machines, laundromats, self-serve kiosks, parking and more.”

You can read up more on the MORE. program through the source link below.

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