AT&T Will Raise Price of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan in March

AT&T has done away with the traditional unlimited data plan, but for folks who have clung onto it over the years, there’s another price hike on the way.

Late last week, it was reported that AT&T would be raising the monthly price for those on its grandfathered unlimited data plan. Beginning sometime in March of this year, AT&T will raise the monthly price by $5. That means, when the plan change takes effect, it will cost $40 per month from then on.

AT&T has confirmed that if those on the grandfathered unlimited data plan do not wish to pay the extra amount, they can cancel their plan and switch to another one of the Big Blue’s current options within 60 days of the price change presented on their bill. If they cancel in that time frame, they will avoid any early termination fees.

It’s also worth noting that for unlimited data users in congested area, if you use 22GB per month or more, the network will still reduce your network speeds as a result.

AT&T raised the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan to $35 per month back in November of 2015.

[via Droid-Life; AT&T]

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