The ‘Designed by Apple in California’ Book is Now Available in More Countries

Designed by Apple Book

Back in November of last year, Apple released a hardbound coffee table book, detailing 20 years of the company’s designs for products like the Mac, the iPhone, and others.

Availability was limited to start, but Apple is opening up the floodgates for more people around the world to get their hands on the book. The Designed by Apple in California picture book is now available in many additional countries: Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, and Italy.

There are 450 pages in the book, and no text, with two variants to choose from: The small (10.20” x 12.75”) book is priced at $199, while the larger (13” x 16.25”) one is priced at $299.

If you’re in one of these new markets, do you plan on picking up the design book?

[via Apple]