How to Disable Specific App Notifications in Apple CarPlay


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CarPlay is an innovative system by Apple that places iOS into your car’s built-in display, allowing you to make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music and do much more while focusing on the road.

If you own a car that supports CarPlay, you may have noticed at some point that a number of your apps automatically display their notifications on the CarPlay display when your iPhone is connected to it. This is quite useful to avoid missing important notifications that are pending on your iPhone.

If you don’t want to receive notifications from certain apps, fortunately iOS offers a setting to disable them on a per-app basis. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Disable App Notifications in Apple CarPlay

Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to Notifications.

Step 2: Find and select the app for which you want to disable CarPlay notifications.

Step 3: You’ll find a toggle labelled “Show in CarPlay”. Turn off this toggle to prevent receiving notifications from this app in CarPlay.

Now whenever you connect your iPhone to your CarPlay system, you will never receive notifications from the apps that you disabled, although your iPhone will still continue to show the notifications on its Lock screen.

Some apps also allow you to choose the type of notifications that you’d like to receive on your CarPlay. For instance, you can choose to receive Calendar notifications for upcoming events only and disable other types of notifications such as invitations and invitee responses.

Currently, a small range of apps are allowed to send CarPlay notifications. These are mostly system apps such as Calendar, Messages, Reminders, FaceTime and Phone. If you wish to receive notifications from third-party apps on CarPlay, then you’re out of luck for now.

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